"Singer/songwriter CAROL McARTHUR has a big heart, a gentle spirit,

and the voice of an ‘Angel’ (the title also of one of her fine originals)

though she will wryly tell you that her halo “is a little rusted.” She has a lovely, lyrical, soaring voice, giving an elegant, wistful, romantic reading to a jazz standard like ‘Ghost of Yesterday,‘ then sounding very much like a classic folksinger with the haunting refrains of ‘Health to the Company‘ or ‘Night Driving.” She counts Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nina Simone, Kate Bush, The Beatles, Elton John, Elizabeth Frazier (Cocteau Twins), and Roberta Flack as the singers that have influenced her the most, but it is a testament to her talent to say she has her own unique sound and style". Her first official Single/EP release produced and mixed by Pascal Nabet Meyer. 
-Review by Joe Staats

2020 Release